Riverview Terrace's Environmental Policy

At Riverview Terrace we are committed to minimising our impact on New Zealand’s beautiful environment, many of these efforts you will see during your stay, but some you may not notice. As our valued guests we hope you will help us with our commitment to protecting our environment.

Riverview Terrace is

... reducing the demand on energy by

  • The use of solar powered hot water and under floor heating.
  • Garden lights powered by solar panels.
  • Buying local where possible to help reduce transport emissions and supporting local businesses.
  • Giving our guests the option of hanging their bath linen for reuse.

...reducing our waste by

  • Separating rubbish that can be recycled; glass, tin, aluminium, paper, cardboard, magazines, and plastic.
  • Not purchasing products with excessive packaging, bulk buying when available.
  • Food waste goes into Bokashi buckets, fertilizer used on gardens.

...conserving water by

  • Using a computerised irrigation system which waters the garden at night.
  • Reducing watering demands by planting native shrubs.
  • Installing dual flushing toilets.
  • Using water efficient washing machine & dishwasher cycles.


...reducing pollution by

  • Using bio-degradable and non- toxic cleaning products
  • Installing noise insulation throughout the premises
  • Regularly tuning our vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions
  • Sending batteries and fluorescent bulbs for recycling/ safe disposal.

...taking part in conservation initiatives by

  • Planting trees and shrubs native to this area to encourage bird life and reduce the need for irrigation.
  • Ensuring our furniture is made from recycled or renewable resources.
  • Purchasing locally which helps reduce carbon emissions from transport.
  • Offering our guests the opportunity to contribute/learn about our local environment by offering bicycles for use and tramping/walking guides to explore the area.

...understanding our local community and participating by

  • Donating to local charities and schools
  • Recycling magazines to Doctors waiting rooms.
  • Peter being member of Lions
  • Volunteering at the Te Kakano native plant nursery.